Civil association ZACHEUS

The civil association was established in 2004 as an educational and cultural centre. Its founder and current Chairman is Ms. Emilie Zatloukalová. The association’s mission is to rescue house no. 153 at the Uničov Vicarage, which is a protected heritage site, and to convert it into a museum of the Baroque era. The house is located in the town’s historical quarter.

The civil association Zacheus received funding for the reconstruction of the house from the EU, the Olomouc Regional Authority and the Uničov Town Hall. Reconstruction work commenced on
14th  January 2009 and will be completed by the end of  April 2010. The work is being carried out by the construction firm VHH Thermont s.r.o.

Uničov is an old royal town, founded in 1213. It is the natural centre of the Uničov micro-region and is situated northeast of Olomouc. At present the town has a population of approximately 12,000. It has a very rich history and numerous excellent monuments. Its greatest potential in terms of art history lies in the Baroque era. The town’s landmark is the Virgin Mary Pillar on T. G. Masaryk Square.

The pupils and students of the town’s elementary and secondary school raised their awareness of Baroque thanks to the Uničov Gymnasium’s project called „Baroque Revived“. The project, funded by the EU, finished in 2008.

The Museum of Baroque will present the Baroque style in Uničov in all its glory. The core collection of the museum will be a collection from the inventory of the Holy Cross Ascension Church of the Minorite monastery (currently used as a concert hall). Many statues and paintings are deposited in other cities at present. The museum will also present St. John Sarkander. This famous Moravian saint worked in Uničov as a vicar between 1609 and 1611. The 10th October 2009 marked 400 years since his arrival in Uničov.